The 2010 Pre-Christmas Workshop

The Pre Christmas Workshop has ended today.

Because the schools closed their doors last week already, the children were left with a whole week of waiting for Santa....
what better to do than keep them busy and occupy their thoughts with some other things, right ?
It was great fun having these kids for 5 consecutive afternoons
to do Art here with me.
We were extremely lucky with the weather,
the week started with temperatures of 30 Celsius
and so it was hot !
We worked in the backyard
with a big sun umbrella over the table.
The second and third day however we were inside only because of the gusty winds that would have otherwise blown away all the collage papers etc.
But we finished with the last two days
outside in the fresh air again.
The first three days we spent making a Christmas themed Mixed Media painting on canvas, the last two making
a little keepsake 4x4 canvas hanging artwork with ribbons.
Here are some pics, enjoy !