Beautiful finish of a great year

Emily with her masterpiece - so proud !

This year 2012 has been a great year, it was a big step for us to leave Christchurch behind and take a plunge into another unknown, but it made me find this studio back in March, from where I started teaching many fun art lessons and workshops, and where I also have met so many lovely new people on the way ! I feel blessed with all that has happened and look forward to a new year with more possibillities and more great art play ! Thanks you all so much for your support during the year ! For now have a merry Christmas and a wonderful start to a creative and succesful 2013 

Merry Christmas everybody !

* PS: I will be working on the site a little bit, to make it more user-friendly, so bear with me that some of the links might not work while I am doing this, I will work as fast as I can, Thanks for understanding :)